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Golden California Roll

From our Paso Special Rolls and House Special Rolls to Udon, Rice Bowls and Dinner Combinations, there's something for everyone!

Garlic Chip Roll

Give us a call to place your pick-up order. Order your Yanagi Sushi lunch or dinner ahead of time so it's an easy pick-up.

Sushi rolls in takeout container

Have an office meeting? Ready for a night in? Order Yanagi online for delivery to your home, office, hotel, anywhere!

Chef slicing raw salmon

Join us for Lunch or Dinner on Park Street in Downtown Paso Robles

Japanese damascus steel sushi knife


The word "Yanagi" in Japanese refers to a long and thin knife that is used in the kitchen to prepare sushi, sashimi, and sliced raw fish. There are very important properties that a Yanagi knife has which regular knives don't. These unique properties allow a sushi chef to cut fish cleaner, easier, and with a greater degree of control. Therefore, it's very important to use the right type of knife in a Japanese kitchen.

Sushi has become more and more popular in America over the years. However, the quality and flavor of sushi depends squarely on the sushi chef. It is the expertise of the sushi chef that separates an average sushi place from a quality Japanese restaurant. High-caliber sushi chefs understand the harmony between flavor and texture in order to create the right balance which takes years of hard work and dedication to know among other things, what angle to cut the fish, the right temperature, the perfect density and texture of the rice. Sushi chefs at Yanagi Paso Robles are dedicated to mastering their craft and have years of training and experience making sushi. At Yanagi restaurant, we strive to offer the highest quality sushi Paso Robles has to offer. When you’re a guest at Yanagi Sushi Paso Robles, you can be sure that every one of our sushi rolls has been prepared by a well-trained and experienced sushi chef.


“Best rolls in town and always friendly service. Try the Sa-Lemon Roll! It’s citrusy but not overwhelming. Even if it’s a little busy, it’s worth the wait or you can do pick up orders here too. We’ve done that several times and they’re always ready really quickly and very fresh.”

Em M., Oxnard, CA

“Delicious rolls and fast service! The garlic edamame was super sweet but delicious. We also liked the miso. It’s a very casual place as well.”

Rachael S.

“Their fried rice is the BEST I've had anyplace. I came into today just for that.  It's a good portion for two to share but I ate it all myself and left a bit of my roll for later. I also had the crunchy roll. Shrimp, avocado, crab with eel sauce. Nothing fancy but it's always my go to roll also. I'm not a fan of raw rolls. One day I will learn to like them! I'm sure  they are great actually. Today it's about the rice. The oil it's cooked in creates a smooth clean taste.  It's made with chicken and small shrimp along with peas and carrots. Just delicious. Don't leave without ordering the fried rice and at about eight bucks. Why would you not give it a try!”

Evelyn R., Paso Robles, CA

“Omakase! that’s all I gotta say about that.”

Luke R.

“Very good, yellowtail was probably the best I’ve had. Albacore Delight Roll roll was very great, light, and refreshing.”

Mitch D., Fremont, CA

“We had a lovely lunch today I had sashimi and it was fabulous. We sat at the bar and just had a lovely time. Can’t wait to go back!

So cool watching food turn into art.”

Joanna T., Rancho Mirage, CA

“This place was yummy and a very fun place to celebrate a birthday. Sushi was fresh and fairly priced. Sake was good too!”

Maggie U., Placentia, CA

“We had dinner at the Sushi bar. This was a great choice with the chefs giving us suggestions and samples. Knowledgeable and professional people preparing your order makes a huge difference. We ordered a bottle of Rai sake- excellent. We were on the expense account but prices were totally reasonable. Highly recommended.”

William L., Minnetonka, MN

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